Agir avec les peuples oubliés ICRA International

Throughout the world, first nations are threatened in their very existence and their rights are flouted, their lands are colonized and polluted, their natural forests are destroyed, their cultures and socio-political identities are negated. African Pygmies, Australian Aborigenes, Amazon Indians, South-East Asian Negritos are in danger of physical and cultural annihilation.

Today these peoples are getting organized and are fighting to make themselves heard. They want to have the right to live as they please, with dignity; they want to see their social organizations and symbolic systems respected; they want to see an end to the ruthless exploitation of resources on lands they have been living in harmony with for hundreds of years.

ICRA International is a non-political, non-religious and independent NGO
ICRA defends the rights of native peoples through information (IKEWAN, the Journal of native peoples), web site, research, campaigns and petitions, press conferences. 
ICRA works with native peoples at their invitation to create programmes for self sufficiency in food, education, medicine and hygiene. 
ICRA works through censuses and information gathering to publicise and safeguard native cultures.

Some of our achievements
• In Burma and Thailand the Karen and Karenni children have benefited from educational, cultural and nutritional programmes since 2005.
• Since 2013 ICRA has launched regular campaigns against the transformation of tropical forests into mono-crop areas (palm oil, rubber trees, etc.) notably in Palawan and Cameroon.
• Since 2009 ICRA has led the campaign against the illegitimate use by companies and laboratories of genetic material and traditional methods used by native peoples, most notably in the case of the Ashaninka in Peru...

ICRA International
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