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TBOLI lexicon

Un Lexique Culturel de la langue Tboli (Philippines)

Compilé par Myrna Pula
Un projet ICRA/FMCA
Coordination : Altamira (www.altamiramonde.net)
Réalisation technique : Olivier Depaule et Christophe Macq

A cultural lexicon of Tboli language (Philippines)

Compiled by Myrna Pula
An ICRA/FMCA project
Coordination : Altamira (www.altamiramonde.net)
Technical design : Olivier Depaule and Christophe Macq

Found words : 3734
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Tboli word English word Description


put something on one's lap. When a family member commits a crime, if you are recognized as someone in the community, the community member will "ahay" put on your lap a job which is to pay fine, and that, that person whom they assign, can't refuse and if he refuses it causes a shame on his part in the whole community.


This word ail is only used for dog.


When a mother hears a bad news from parents far away shall feel "ala" he is never at ease.


A knife to cut grass or used to harvest rice/palay.


a snake has it. People die when bitten by snake because of it's poison. For Human beings we use to say "tau Malas" a man of integrity/brave.


This kind of bamboo is thin and we use it for walls when woven. We made it into lamps.


When a woman commits adultery and the family is afraid that she shall be killed. The family shall make a trick to get her away from the husband. They shall say to the wife, your mother is sick she needs you now. What they do or the action they made to her is called "alu" Ordinarily is a stick used to pick up fruits.


This is called a mad fish. When we transfer to a new residence, we must have "alu'" for viand, it connots long life.


this grass is food for pigs.


Some one who is not happy of what she/he have. He wants more or surplus.