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TBOLI lexicon

Un Lexique Culturel de la langue Tboli (Philippines)

Compilé par Myrna Pula
Un projet ICRA/FMCA
Coordination : Altamira (www.altamiramonde.net)
Réalisation technique : Olivier Depaule et Christophe Macq

A cultural lexicon of Tboli language (Philippines)

Compiled by Myrna Pula
An ICRA/FMCA project
Coordination : Altamira (www.altamiramonde.net)
Technical design : Olivier Depaule and Christophe Macq

Found words : 346
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Tboli word English word Description


to put finger in mouth and hold between teeth. - a woman's organ.


to cheat. - when one gets properties from another person and never pay them back.


to bite with full interest as a horse in a horse fight.


a mango fruit tree.


to pull someone's hair especially when fighting.


mirror. - when bad things happend we use to say " a mirror where you could see" - a great lesson it gives to everyone, which people can pattern life to evade it.


to grate. - to be lying down. - to fall down the ground by accident. - to lay down flat on bed.


just starting to grow as the fuzz or down on a new born chicken. - budding as in trees and flowers or plants.


eye. - an expression says"olon se mata ke seguta hoyowem kom nawa selima" it means that, let the eye just look to someone special because intimacy is now too distant.


raw; uncooked.