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TBOLI lexicon

Un Lexique Culturel de la langue Tboli (Philippines)

Compilé par Myrna Pula
Un projet ICRA/FMCA
Coordination : Altamira (www.altamiramonde.net)
Réalisation technique : Olivier Depaule et Christophe Macq

A cultural lexicon of Tboli language (Philippines)

Compiled by Myrna Pula
An ICRA/FMCA project
Coordination : Altamira (www.altamiramonde.net)
Technical design : Olivier Depaule and Christophe Macq

Found words : 46
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Tboli word English word Description

o, ou

I, Me. ou-me.


dove. - when an infant is healthy and white we use to say"her breast is like a breast of a dove".


a stick used for digging or making a hole on ground.


but, however.


to fib, to lie, to tease.


fire. - we use to say when fighting a parent. one can't afford loose fire, since fire is what one needs in the every day life.


to suppose, to assume(mistakenly),thought.


respect, polite.


reward, profit, benifit.


a dog or a person who's ears hangout leveling face, people call them ofong. From word fong - means a hanging ear.