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TBOLI lexicon

Un Lexique Culturel de la langue Tboli (Philippines)

Compilé par Myrna Pula
Un projet ICRA/FMCA
Coordination : Altamira (www.altamiramonde.net)
Réalisation technique : Olivier Depaule et Christophe Macq

A cultural lexicon of Tboli language (Philippines)

Compiled by Myrna Pula
An ICRA/FMCA project
Coordination : Altamira (www.altamiramonde.net)
Technical design : Olivier Depaule and Christophe Macq

Found words : 127
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Tboli word English word Description


very many (always used with negative - la. La gabay neso du - means countless.


yelling at: shouting. mlo gad - fond of shouting less work.


very, very many (as people). tey gagid henken - very many to feed.


to waste time, same as feng.


does not want to leave him/her. Like a child to a mother. La galu du - one who is important who's presence is still longed for like a certain leader.A good person who is longed for.


a hole in the nose of animals, as of a carabao or cow. Anything pinned in the nose is called galung.


a name of a spirit.


slowhen-ganag - to slow down. Ganag nawa - gentle.


kerosinea borrowed word. Tboli's use sap of tree "Lunay" for lamp.


to be caught by rain.