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TBOLI lexicon

Un Lexique Culturel de la langue Tboli (Philippines)

Compilé par Myrna Pula
Un projet ICRA/FMCA
Coordination : Altamira (www.altamiramonde.net)
Réalisation technique : Olivier Depaule et Christophe Macq

A cultural lexicon of Tboli language (Philippines)

Compiled by Myrna Pula
An ICRA/FMCA project
Coordination : Altamira (www.altamiramonde.net)
Technical design : Olivier Depaule and Christophe Macq

Found words : 460
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Tboli word English word Description


to be defeated, to come in last as in a race.


the word used to frighten away chicken.


a sweet potatoe and taro that has stripe violet color inside. - a bamboo that is broken and tied around to open and made into nest to acommodate a hen to lay eggs.


to retort, answer, to catch a falling object.


corn fruits ready to harvest. - if reffering to persons, she/he is old in age.


a ritual done after burrial. An herb burned and all people must pass through the smoke to prevent more death in the family.


to chase a person or animals. -- to achieve something.


a corn hair (tassle) - a name of a vegetable that has red leaves. - a flowering stage of plant(s'makad)


a cowrie shell used to iton a fiber cloth made of abaca which is tnalak.


a cowrie shell used to iron a fiber cloth made of abaca which is tnalak.